Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SOLUTION FOR: Canon MG6150 Ink Absorber Reset / Error 5B00

Hi Folks,

I HAVE THE SOLUTION - for real - for an actual Canon MG6150. Probably works for MG6100 and other similar generation printers. Use these instructions at your own risk, as they are obviously not Canon approved.

When you have used your 6150 for a LOT of printing, maybe 50,000 sheets, it will finally decide enough is enough and start telling you its Ink Absorber is almost full. This will happen every 20 pages or so, and you can continue the first 10 or 20 times. Eventually though, it changes and starts giving an Error 5B00 and refusing to print.

There are two stages to fixing this problem:
- Get the printer into service mode
- Use servicetool.exe to reset the ink absorber to 0%

There are lots of wrong instructions on the web for the first of these. I worked this out by experimenting and lots of patience (and cussing...).

If you do the wrong thing, you can recover it. But it makes you panic at first, because the printer stops responding, won't turn on, and all sorts of scary things. BUT you can simply unplug the power for at least 30 seconds, and the printer will reset itself and you can try again.

*** You will need the printer plugged into a USB port on your computer to use the reset tool.

To get the MG6150 into service mode:

1. Work out where the STOP button is. The printer very helpfully hides all the buttons. If you look closely though, you can just make out the squares. The Stop button is the one near the Error light (which will helpfully be orange because of the error you are trying to fix).

2. Turn the printer off

3. Press and Hold the Power button. Keep it pressed down.

4. Wait about 2 or 3 seconds - the blue light will be on

5. Press the STOP button 6 times. Each time you press it, you will see the lights change from the Orange one to Blue one. After the 6th time, the BLUE led should be on.

6. Let go of the Power button.

7. The blue light will now start flashing for a while. This may just be 5 seconds, or it could be a minute, if the printer decides to do a head clean first...

8. Eventually the blue light will stay on. The main display will be BLANK. This is Service Mode.

9. Connect the printer via USB to your computer.

To reset:

1. Download and launch the servicetool.exe program. Search on Google for "Service Mode Tools Version 1.050" or "canon servicetool.exe" and you should find it to download.

2. You should see all the buttons and functions are enabled. If they are all greyed out, its because either the printer is not connected to the computer, the printer has crashed, or you are having a bad day.

3. You will see an option, Ink Absorber Counter, and a Counter value. Make sure the counter value is set to 0%, and press the Set button. You should get a message saying A function has finished. If you get an error message, then it means the printer was not in service mode.

Now its done. Just turn off the printer (power button) and turn it back on again. The dreadful 5B00 error should be gone.

My MG6150 is happily churning out more perfect prints while I write this!

If you do notice that you are getting lots of smudges, you can probably extract some ink from the absorber pad by using some tissue paper. The pad is a sort of white square thing, under where the printer parks its heads. Just open the cover as if to change a cartridge, and the cartridge should move to the middle, revealing a gunky mess, including the ink absorber. Lots of good quality kitchen paper should help you absorb a fair amount.



gillmifus said...

WORK FROM: Canon MG5250 Ink Absorber Reset / Error 5B00. Thanks

Cmercer said...

I have a canon MG5250 and have tried what you suggested above, but I can't get it into service mode - I switch the printer off, then when I press the 'on' button and keep it held down the green light stays constantly on and the screen is blank. I press the stop button 6 times but there is no changing of lights, and when i release it, the printer just starts up as normal. I'm assuming it is the stop button? The button with a red circle on, with a red triangle within the circle?

Jez said...

Cmercer - not sure what the problem might be. Yes, it is the button with the red circle and red triangle. On the 6150 its a hidden button (well, until it lights up), not sure about the 5250.
Try waiting less time from when you press the power button, before hitting the stop button.
Also try pressing other buttons - anything that makes the lights change.
Also try unplugging it for 30 seconds, then plug in and try, in case something has upset it.

Anonymous said...

28-6-12 I used your advice for resetting the ink absober for an MG 6510 and it worked, including the downloads. Most grateful. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to share your solution.

Anonymous said...

This really works for MG6150 so if you are having problems do this.
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Job done. Thanks mate. I unplugged the power lead while the printer was on, before plugging back in and following your instructions - and you're right it is exactly 6 'touches'

Keith said...

Is there another link? because it doesn't exist anymore

Jez said...

Search on Google for "Service Mode Tools Version 1.050" or "canon servicetool.exe" and you should find it.

Anonymous said...

You are great! It worked.
Here is a link for the working servicetool.exe

I had some difficulties with the Service Mode Tools Version 1.050.
The computers (one is XP, the other Vista) would not fully recognize it and the
Service Mode Tools Version 1.050.exe
would not work, so i downloaded the ServiceTool.exe which worked.
BUT keep in mind that when you choose "main & platen" it may not work. Choose "main"

Donaid bare said...

If your Epson printer is giving warning, this usually means that the printer has counted the prints it has to carry out and reached a predetermined limit. You can solve this problem by resetting the counter which will then release your printer hardware and start counting your prints from zero.
ink pad reset

MaTZo Tsotetsi said...

Also worked on MG6140.

Thank you very much.

Jimp said...

Maybe someone can help with my issue. I've moved to the States but have a UK model. Printer cartridges are region coded! I can get it into service mode and launch the tool which has a 'select region' entry. I've set that to USA and pressed store and got an 'ok' message. But when the printer is restarted it still refuses to accept the US ink cartridges. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

If you have the 5B00 error ink absorber full problem on the MG5250 here is the solution:
Use the tool here to fix the problem on mg5250. You need the tool from mediafire download location that is called servicetool.exe.

It's canons tool and works. the other one recommended 1.050.exe does not work for the mg5250
. use 5 times press of the cancel button to get into service mode (follow usual instructions to get there). then with the usb cable into printer from pc, open the tool. click on INK ABSORBER MAIN the number should be 0. CLICK SET. and that is it. it will say 'function has been completed' or something.. if you get error you might not be in service mode so start again till printer is in service mode.

Anonymous said...

work nice with MG6250.many thanks

Anonymous said...

you're a genius !! fantastic !! your procedure to reset the ink absorber of pixma mg525o is the only procedure that really works!
thank you thank you !!
I solved the problem with success !!

Max said...

Where can I get service tool x MG6150?

Jez said...

This link still seems to work, to get the tool:

However I have not used this version myself so can not vouch for it. It just appears to be a later version though.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking at a dead Canon MG6150 for about six months because Canon service department wanted £90 plus vat to fix it. 10 mins with your advise and its printing again. Thank you O great one.

Anonymous said...

I've got to the service mode stage but having difficulty downloading the Service Tool

(e.g. ServiceTool_V1050.exe from

But it just opens as a text file so no buttons or functions - I'm on a Mac (10.6.8) - could this be why it's not opening properly?

Thanks :-)

Jez said...


Unfortunately the service tool is PC only.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jez

Great - thank you for clarifying - much appreciated!!


Paster said...

Hey Bwana Jez (Swahili for Mr.) any idea for canon MG6440? this machine dont have any info online. plz help

Anonymous said...

The mediafire downloads does not work with my canon MG6150 or my laptop. The printer purchased in Scandinavia. Did not see the Ink Absorber Counter or Counter Value. Downloaded yesterday. The error message said C000 , most online searches said Ink Absorber reached it`s limit and suggested either Service Mode Tools Version 1050 or canon servicetool.exe

Family Brown said...

Thanks for this - helped me with MG5350. Note that service mode for MG5350 is as follows NOT as you describe:
1. press and hold red stop button
2. press and hold on/off
3. press stop button five times
4. release buttons

Also don't do as I did and forget I was wireless connected... must be USB.

raiq said...

unfortunately, my canon MG 5650. I can enter to the service mode because i have entered it 3 times previously. any solution plz?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for your clear and non-condescending instructions. I use a computer the way I use a TV, as far as I am concerned it's run by magic, and I was able to reset my Pixma MG6120 in less than an hour and that included finding the sorftware. Genius

Anonymous said...

I have followed instruction on my mg6250. Got to the blue light staying on but then a red hazzard trianlge starts flashing. and down load is not responding. any suggestions

Recharge Cartridges Bandon said...

Didn't work for me on the MG6150 but what did was

1. Hold power and stop/resume button.
2. Release stop/resume button when blue light comes on while still holding power button.
3. Press stop/resume button 6 Times - and release all buttons
4. Now in Service Mode
5. Download Service Tool V3400
6. Go to Ink Adsorber and click on set. You will get "A function has Finished" restart printer and ready to go.

Anonymous said...

I tried this out, to reset my ink absorber counter, but it seems servicetool 1050 is not working for windows 10. Does someone has a solution?

Anonymous said...

Followed these instructions and got the printer into service mode. Plugged the USB lead in and the PC said 'New Hardware Found' and tried to load a device driver. Couldn't find it. Inserted my disk from Cannon - couldn't find it! Any idea what it is looking for? The device driver is the missing piece as I have the rest of the software. Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

sirgrisujames said...

Thank you very much - only post that worked for MG6150! Just uses the service 3400 tool.
Bye - greetings from Germany!

Anonymous said...

works perfectly for the MG6150!

Anonymous said...

Works like magic. I really grateful. Thank you so very much

Doug Mann 77 said...

Has anyone got this to work on a Canon MG5520? Please post instructions if you have.

Chris D said...

I have followed your instructions carefully lots of times, I get to the service tool but as soon as I click the set button it all greys out and then nothing else happens? Oh dear I do love my Pixma 6150 printer, can you advise further?

Shatzy K said...

i have a Pixma MG7540 and i dont know how to fix the absorber error 5B00 any help will be appreciated.

Tux Kaiser said...

I have a Canon 7550 and I do not know how to leave it in service mode

Anonymous said...

Vielen Dank! Läuft wieder
Gruß Ralf

Iuliannn said...

Hi, I've tried all these actions on a Canon MG5550 but I don't manage to get it to enter in service mode. I tried with 5 pushes on stop, with 6 pushes ... nothing. At each push of stop button the lights change and the display is blank. After releasing the buttons (no other effect if you press any button) the printer normally should be in Service Mode, but nothing happens. After connecting it on USB and launching ServiceTool, all options in ServiceTool are greyed out .I think it did not enter in service mode.
Thanks if you have an advice on that.


Rosie Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Jez.

Thanks for your post on this topic. We now have a working printer!

Had to go here for the service tool:



Star Seat said...

Oh My God it worked... Jesus is Lord. Thanks man ...Hey anyone needs to do business in Ghana any business i can b a GUIDE.... ENJOY OFFERING A HAND...


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Your instructions worked on my MG6250 !!

Anonymous said...

Yep - same as above. Got my MG6150 into service mode as described and used the service tool to reset it. Very pleased

Anonymous said...


worked pretty fine with my old MG6150.
do you have a tip how to open the device for cleaning the absorber tank?

have a nice christmas


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Anonymous said...

I think this has worked! Thank you for posting.

mom2zg said...

It worked!! Thank you so much for the help!

Laise said...

Thank you, sir. I tried about five or six other "recommendations" before I found yours. None of them worked. Yours is crystal-clear, and I especially appreciated the detail on what visual feedback to expect when coercing the beast into service mode. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

April 2018. Downloaded the free Servicetool.exe on download link shown (Mediafire) after virus check was found clear installed the very small file 131Kb - its a Rar file so you have to extract content with winrar or winzip or PeaZip or other similar file extractor. The installed file worked instantly, connected up USB wire to Printer and PC and followed the very exact instructions given above.. couple of clicks on the apps and Hey Presto its reset.


Anonymous said...

Works on Canon MG6150, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the same error message on my MG6150. I've followed the instructions and can get the printer into service mode. I downloaded the tool v1074 but when I try to use it the buttons are grey. So I've downloaded v3400 but its bttons are grey too. What am I doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot works for my MG6150

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