Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is one of the big problems couples may face. Its a big claim, as so few people talk about it. But scratch the surface and you discover many many couples have abandoned the marital bed. Those that have stuck it out are really struggling - usually the long-suffering partner of the snorer is suffering from lack of sleep, which leads to increased stress, and resentment of their snoring partner. Those in separate beds lose out on intimacy and bonding, which has long term effects as well.

I snore myself, and shortly after my wife and I were engaged, I decided I had to do something about it, as I really did not want to start married life in separate beds.

I did some research and tried some cheap options - sprays and nose clips - and they were useless. Then I found a Danish product called SnoreMender. It was a bit like a gumshield, and worked by holding the lower jaw forwards. The idea was that holding the jaw forwards would move the tongue away from the back of the mouth, opening up the airway.

It made sense, but I was sceptical. Still, I shelled out and bought one.

Well - it was uncomfortable at first - in fact I could only wear it for an hour, the first two nights. But needs must, so I persevered.

And it was the best thing ever - my snoring was gone, and my wife has not been driven out of the bed by my snoring (except the rare night I forget to put it in...)

Summary: Snoring - Don't despair, it can be solved - 6 years of experience using SnoreMender proves it!

To find out how to stop snoring visit www.snoremenders.co.uk and see what they say.


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